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In a universe governed by elemental magic, two fledgling demigods are tasked with the most challenging mission in all the cosmos: to babysit a lost teenage human girl and find her missing family!

Intercosmic is an all-ages future-fantasy space webcomic featuring an LGBTQ+ cast! It’s all about adventure, love, and found families in even the furthest and coldest reaches of space. At the moment, Intercosmic updates with a new chapter portion once a month and is free to read online. Intercosmic began as a passion project in the summer of 2017 and continues to update every month online.

Excerpts from the first two chapters of Intercosmic

Sample 2: Chapter 2, Pages 18-21

Sample 1: Chapter 1, Pages 12-14

Sample 3: Chapter 2, Pages 3-10

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Anthology Comics

AFAR Anthology - Out of Orbit

I was so fortunate to be a part of Tabulit’s second comic anthology, Afar, which focuses on how distances can change our relationships with our loved ones and the world around us. I made a short story about a young woman named Lin, who struggles to adjust when she returns to Earth for the first time in many years.


Furr Anthology - The Wizard Howl Jenkins

This year, I had the pleasure of participating in Tabulit's first ever comic anthology "Furr" - a collection of comics and illustrations revolving around feline friends. I made a 4 page mini about Howl, my roommate's "magical" cat. 


Dreams Anthology - Deja Vu

I participated in BOPU Squad's 2017 Comic Anthology. This year, the theme was dreams. The comic was printed in blue and pink riso! 
I made a mini 3-page comic about a common yet terrible dream we all get - being late. 

Personal Mini Comics

A Seasonal Reminder

More Coming Soon!

I've got some secret comics in the works that I can't share yet. Stay tuned for more.